18 January 2012

The C++ Pirate

Obviously, I have not updated my blog in a while.  I've been pretty busy with SolidFire...who knew working for a startup was so much work?

That said, the main reason I have not been doing many updates is due my new web site: C++ Pirate.  The site contains a number of tips and tricks for exploiting C++11 for great good.  You'll find applications for the new components of C++ standard library, observations about performance and working (tested with g++) code.  I hope people will find the site useful.

The format of the site is more like the C++ Guru of the Week...I believe that is a better format for conveying the information that I want than a blog.  Another reason is so I can make the full programs available with the same host without ever having to worry about it.  Besides, the software was drop-dead simple to write with Google App Engine and Django.

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